ICM PARTNERS have a reputation built on strong networks, honesty and hard work.

We understand that without our network of candidates we cannot achieve our ambitions. It is important that we sit and discuss with you your ideas and how you feel you can best add value to prospective clients.
We would like to think we could find you work every time you need our help but more importantly, we want to keep you in our network for many years so you know whenever you need our help we will be there for you.

Too many companies in todays market are so focused on chasing the next sale they forget to look after their customers, you the interim manager. We have prided ourselves for many years on ensuring we offer the best level of service and hope this is one of many things that separates us from our competition.



face to face contact

We believe one of the key factors to successfully being able to help you find is to have face to face contact and really get to understand who you are and why you need our help.


There are 1000’s of change mangers operating in todays market but at ICM PARTNERS we only represent the very best that are in the market.

We need to be able to react quickly to the client’s needs matching not only the skills required but more importantly when managing change, by meeting you face to face we have the ability to match individuals cultural and behavioural skills to ensure we are putting the right type of people into the right environments.


The key is working in partnership, forming strong lasting networks that mean you will be looked after and well represented for as long as you need us.




What types of expertise do we look for in our network

Change Managers
Change Directors
Programme Directors
Programme Managers
Project Managers
Strategy Directors
Strategy Consultants
PMO Managers
Business Analysts
Porfolio Managers
Communication Specialists




What areas do we recruit for within the Retail sector

Group Change
Supply chain